What we do

We create artificial intelligence that supports life

With Metrodora, our artificial intelligence, we help embryologists providing them with a tool able to analyse more than 20 parameters from the embryo and hundreds of morphological characteristics, learned from experience of specialists, and previous successful results.

An artificial intelligence at the service of the embryology. The most cutting-edge technology at the service of life.



As a team, we were born from a project within the Saturdays.AI Artificial Intelligence Course done at Murcia in 2020. We have used the period of COVID confinement to carry out an innovative and highly technical project.


Embryo selection in assisted reproductive treatments remains a highly subjective process, and embryo implantation rates, despite they have been improved substantially during last years, still remain low. Being able to reduce the time until a healthy home-born child is reached, to minimize failed transfers, in addition to reduce the abort rate has a social background that has motivated us to break technical limits and achieve one of the most innovative technologies in the assisted reproduction sector

Less stress

Many times, when women or couples go to an assisted reproduction center to achieve their desire to be parents, they suffer a high level of emotional stress, not only derived from the treatment itself, but also because their expectations are often delayed since the treatments today are not one hundred percent effective. In many occasions they have to carry out successive embryo transfers or reproduction cycles that result in negative pregnancy tests or early abortions, so they must start new treatments. Some patients even consider abandoning their dreams throughout the process since they initially thought that the treatment would be more simple and effective. Being able to reduce both the time to pregnancy or abortion rate in patients through a more precise embryo selection, will help patients to reduce stress during the process.

Reduced queues and waits

Increasing success of embryo transfers, we get, on one hand, to reduce the costs related to repeated treatments,  and on the other hand, to reduce waiting lists at health centers of the National Health System.

"Embryo" phase project

This project is at embryo phase, supported by Cartagena CEEI and which is consolidating itself as a Technology-Based Company. In the few months we are alive, we have already built a first version of our AI, Metrodora, and we hope to be able to transfer it for clinical use during the second half of 2021.