Intelligence towards life

Metrodora (c. 200-400) was a Greek physician and author of the oldest medical text known to have been written by a woman, On the Diseases and Cures of Women.

What is Metrodora

It is an Artificial Intelligence created with the sole objective of supporting life. Based on millions of images from "time-lapse" sequences of embryo development, it is a highly complex neural network that has been specialized in understanding the structure of the embryo and the development of its phases.

Analyzes about a hundred combinations of morphological characteristics, both to know what stage the embryo is in, and to inform the embryologist about specific characteristics, so that he can give the best diagnosis and make the best decision on which embryo to transfer to. patients in a more objective way than traditional.
Using the analysis of the stages of the embryo, and based on more than 20 additional parameters, it establishes an index of implantation capacity of the embryo, which allows clinics and hospitals to improve the implantation rate.

"Time-lapse" analysis

Metrodora analyzes the images of the embryo, but the process of development of the embryo itself, based on the knowledge acquired through years of experience by embryologists. Understand the process, not just the images, making the entire smart analysis process robust.